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The end might be in sight, but the twists are nowhere near finished…

I’m alone once more in a hell I thought I had left behind, but with each breath, they pull me deeper into their grasp. The hope that my guys will find me dwindles, but I can’t let the dark thoughts in or I won’t survive what’s to come.

Maxwell and Jimmy have plans that would ruin me, ruin us, but Pierce, Phoenix, and River are determined to thwart them at every turn. As the days go by and sinister dealings are revealed, our dreams are blown away.

However, things aren’t always as they seem. When the dust clears and light is finally shed on the conspiracy we had been fighting against, I will stand tall, no matter the damage and no matter the loss.

Will I find my voice, or will it remain silent when the evils of my past reveal themselves?

Raven’s Nest is the fourth and final book in the A Conspiracy of Ravens series and cannot be read as a standalone. Content notes can be found here.

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