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I lost the three most important things to me within the span of a month.

My best friend.

My mom.

My voice.

The world became bleak and my stint in the hospital brought none of them back. Months later, I showed up at college and learned that I could save two of them. Unfortunately, I can’t raise people from the dead, and in order to save my relationship with my childhood best friend, I have to accept what I’d done to destroy us.

I’ll serve whatever sentence he deems necessary for my transgressions, help him and his friends confront enemies known and unknown, and learn how to use this new version of my voice.

After all, my silence is now the loudest sound in the universe.

- - - - - -

Pierce Me is a new adult dark romantic suspense novel featuring an enemies to lovers and why choose relationship dynamic. It is intended for a mature audience ages 18+. It centers around a young woman who has lost her voice to traumatic mutism as she goes up against her old childhood lover, as well as enemies both known and unknown to her. It does end in a cliffhanger, and is book one of a planned four book series. For content notes and trigger warnings please visit my website.

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