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If I only give him one night, I won’t have to give too much of myself.

After everything I’ve been through, I would have never expected anyone to catch my eye the way he did.

Now that Xavier Hayes has, can he really hold a candle to the flame I’ve been holding for my ex?

One night might not be enough to figure it out.

Sure, he’s helping me take revenge on those who deserve it most, and he plays my body just right…

But is it too little, too late?

– – – – – – –

Overnight is a MF, dark, erotic thriller novella which ends in a HFN. It provides backstory for a future series centering around our MMC. (Series name TBA). Overnight focuses on a young woman who is fed up at this point, and a young man who wants to help her accomplish everything she sets her mind to…even if that is getting rid of all her friends on Halloween. Please check the content notes/trigger warnings on my website.

This is an interconnected novella that takes place during some of the events of Pierce Me: A Conspiracy of Ravens Book One and a tragic love story which takes place before another series which will feature the MMC, Xavier Hayes (series name TBA). It is not required to read this book to read the others, and vice versa, but it makes the series far more enjoyable.

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