Why the Dark & Twisted Library?

The Dark & Twisted Library is a place where I can showcase all of my work in an easy-to-get-to format, while also maintaining a steady income to keep publishing. I also chose to serialize my work to give me more time between publishing books, and also get my books out for free (because I believe books should be accessible to everyone, and understand completely that not everyone can afford a subscription – you’d be surprised to know that I’m one of them.) In the Dark & Twisted Library, you’re not only a reader anymore, you’re a part of something and are able to forge friendships with not only me, but other readers who are just as addicted to my world as you are.

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Status: In Progress

Who has access?
Paid: Season 1 Part 2 (Episode 26 – ?)
Free: Season 1 Part 1 (Episodes 1 – 25) – Mid-season break!

This is your TV show! Tune-in every Tuesday & Thursday.

Status: In Progress

Who has access?
Paid: VIP Cardholders + (WIP Status)
Free: Coming Soon

The final installment of A Conspiracy of Ravens.

What's the difference between each tier?

CLICK HERE for a quick comparison between the first three membership tiers! The higher tiers add even MORE special benefits such as your name in the acknowledgement section, a short story of your choice, naming characters, and one hour a month to pick my brain.

What is early access?

Early access means you will have access to episodes and chapters a month in advance of the free platforms.

How do I get my digitally signed ebooks?

Your eBook will be sent to your email via Bookfunnel on the same date that I send ARCs out!

When will I get my next Pineapple Charm?

After every 3 consecutive months of membership, you will receive a charm.

If you cancel your membership, your time will reset, but you will not get another ‘joining’ charm or bracelet.

NOTE: I tend to get sick often, and do not want to sneeze all over your stuff. So if I get sick, expect delays! Your stuff will get to you. I promise!

Do I have to pay to be a part of the Dark & Twisted Library?

No! I understand better than anyone how hard finances can be, which is why I will be posting my stories to free websites after they’ve been with my paid members for roughly a month. They will also come to retailers, too, and will be enrolled in Kobo Plus!

I’d absolutely love to have you sign the visitor’s log so you can get my exclusive newsletter and gain access to the Dark & Twisted Library on Facebook, though! (These cost ME something, NOT you!)

What is Ream?

Ream is the best subscription platform for authors, built by authors. A space where super fans can access exclusive content of their favorite authors and gain access to their communities.

Is my information safe?

The only information that I gather is what you provide me and I only use it for the purposes of communicating with you and sending you tier benefits. I will never sell your information for any reason.